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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Race is ON!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rollin' for Charity! Alpine Shop Employees & Elite Cyclists Race 100 Miles Indoors for Charities

My journey and support for a cure for breast cancer, begins now. I ride 100 miles against Chris Ploch via rollers indoors, this Saturday in honor of all people living with breast cancer, all who have conquered, and the families who have supported along the way.

Joining me? Heckling me? Supporting me?

More details tomorrow...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Garage Ebay-Saturday 11am-6pm

Pictures of Bikes to come later tonight....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

the Bad ones lead to the Good ones..

Week 2 I raced Evanston, Whitnall Park RR, Whitnall Park Crit (Podium finish), Kenosha, Racine. All on no clearance from the Doc. (don't tell). I quickly tried to sling myself into the sprint competition.

Okay, short catch up from Superweek.
By the last day I race, with 2 races left in the series, I sat 5th in the sprint competition and only able to take over 4th at most. I opted out of the Humboldt Park Race and prepped my legs for Sundays Chicago Crit offering 7 Grand to the Ladies.
I enjoyed the race at Chicago and took a 5th place to some very talented elite and pro riders.

The race was kept active by scattered attempts to stay away by various riders and a pleasing amount of primes, of which I gave a go at the second one hundred dollars.

Oh....Joelle took it, skating my wheel for the last 275 meters and coming around me at 20 meters.

Sooo, I guess I have some explaining to do about my lack of performance the first day at Elk Grove(16th). The field was small, and we have some good primes. I went for the second, and looking between my legs to see Joelle(Team Kenda-Chicago Crit Winner) sitting pretty. I jumped hard at 200 and took a gamble....can you picture the outcome? Kuddos to her.
I gave it a go for the midrace prime, this time I had news for Joelle, I sat on her...tooo long. I was reactive racing.
At 200 meters I see Kristen Meshberg flying by, and Laura Van Gilder coming off my wheel madly screaming to the line. I say to myself "You bloomin' idiot, what opera song were you listening to in your head at 300 meters....what were you waiting on, your a sprinter, did you see 200 meters?!!"
I covered numerous gaps in the rain. My reluctancy to barrel through the corners in the wet conditions (still thinking of my collarbone crash),cost me precious gas. To top it off, I had changed my saddle for medical reasons and had fine tuned as much as possible yesterday without testing full on 30+min. efforts.

NO GO legs with low saddle. "I can't do it, Cappin'".

I felt great, strong, just not able to peg potential power, just lost contact after all the work.

Tomorrow!!! IS ON!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Superweek Kicks Off

So I won't be racing but...I WILL be reporting.
So heres a view of the course I can remember from 2 years ago, flat, long straights and long finish.

Should be a dynamic start to the series, 60K, $850 on the line today. 1 hour easy spin will be in order for me today...still mending.

What as the teams keep the break in check to ensure a finale' in the last 2 laps to the line. :) My heartrate just went up 5 beats thinking about it....GAME ON!!!
Updates tonight...race time is 3:35 CST.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tulsa Tough Day 3

Keep Pushing On!!
I awake after a long slumber full of careful tossing a turning. Up and at'em!!! I slowly change my clothes with a little help from my peeps, and off to Mickey D's I go to fetch some chow for the troops. Going into today, I had put no expectations upon myself to race, however, I needed to make sure my mental game was still in tact.
After everyone's breakfast was delivered, I decided to mount up to see what was in store for me today...trainer ride or the road(via Riverside crit).
I walk my bike to the elevator, down and out the revolving doors and mount up. "Not to bad", I thought. Just have to remember to keep my left elbow closer to my ribcage to lessen the pain twinge.

I roll over to the course. I know the course pretty well in terms of what it takes to stay hooked with the main group. It was going to be a tough feat, but I gave the course a couple of ride bys. The course had a short sharp pitch up turn one with a continued false flat and rollers to the steep downhill into the last turn.
The body felt great, the collarbone was "holding"(in hind sight, only muscle), and I kicked it the second time up the hill to see what it felt like.
This was a go...just remember to not jack your arm out too far to the side while torquing on the climb.

We would all line up and away we would go. I would match the pace for the first few times around the course, then...
As crash on the uphill would create a gap and I would need a big effort to reattach to the group I belonged to. I couldn't give it at the time. I would find a small group that I would motor with and finish my effort around 32 minutes into the crit.

I do not promote anyone riding on a broken collarbone, much less racing on one.
So, do as I say, not as I do.

On to surgery, a plate and 5 screws...and 6 weeks of recovery.
Patience is a virtue.

Healing well, however, and will return hungrier than before.

Tulsa Tough